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Can C445 be applied on Single Phase systems?

Yes, C445 supports single phase motors. There is a configuration parameter called "Phase Type" in the Wiring Configuration menu that can be set using Power Xpert inControl software or the C445UM user interface. Once selected, it is very straight forward to wire single phase to the C445 as follows:

Wire the Line voltage to the Y1 terminal (voltage) and through the L1 CT on the Measurement module to the contactor.
Wire the Neutral wire to the Y2 terminal (voltage) and through the L2 CT on the Measurement module to the contactor.

Unlike other products, no wire wrapping or parameter changes are required because the C445 automatically supports single phase motors when configured for them. Aside from selecting "Single Phase" as Phase Type, be sure to select the proper rated voltage in the Motor Configuration menu as well.