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A10AN0 Starter Replacements & Parts

The A10AN0_ Size 00 Citation Starter was sold from the mid 60's to the mid 90's, taking on various forms designated by a Series marking on the face of the contactor.  While the product is obsolete, some parts may still be available.

Contact Kits & Coils parts availability depends on the Series.  Check our Aftermarket Catalog V12-T13 for the Citation product line to see what parts may be available.  In most cases the coils have the part number marked on them, but they are missing a "9-" prefix.  For example, if your coil reads "2823-1", the actual coil part number is "9-2823-1".

Heaters for the overload relays may still be available.  The heater part number should be marked on the existing heaters.  H1030 is an example part number.  They are sold 1 per pack; most applications will require 3.  A full list of heaters can be found in Aftermarket Catalog V12-T13 in the Citation section.

Contactors, Overload Relays & Auxiliary Contacts are no longer available.

Replacement Starter - For a complete replacement starter we suggest our AN19AN0_5E_ starter from our Freedom product family.  Replace the first _ with a Coil Suffix Code and the second _ with the required FLA Range from the charts below. See our NEMA Contactors and Starters Catalog V5-T2 for more info, accessories & dimensions.

For an enclosed replacement solution see our Enclosed NEMA Contactors & Starters Catalog V10-T2.

You can locate a nearby authorized Eaton distributor for a quote using our Distributor Locator.

Can I replace my Citation starter?