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What are the auxillary contacts for the Freedom NEMA size 3 and 4 starters?

Every size 3 or 4 Freedom contactor or starter comes with 1N.O aux installed on it from the factory in the base position.  The part# of that factory installed auxillary is C320KGS31 for the size 3 and C320KGS41 for the size 4.   You can add another BASE mounted aux to the opposite side, of the same part# or if you want a NO/NC you can use the C320KGS32 for the size 3 and a C320KGS42 on the size 4.   Once both base positions are filled, you can stack another aux in front of those using the C320KGS20 for the N.O, C320KGS21 for the N.C or the C320KGS22.  These numbers are the same for both size 3 and 4 contactors.  This applies to all CN15, AN16, AN19 and ECN enclosed Freedom NEMA starters.    So in total, you can have 8 auxillary contacts.   4 on the left side and 4 on the right side.  See attached catalog page for a more details.

  1. Size 3 and 4 aux.pdf