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What aux contacts do I use on NEMA Size 5 contactor?

All size 5 Freedom CN16/AN16/AN19 starters come with a 1N.O auxllarry mounted in the base position as standard.  It has another based position on the opposite side that you fill with either a C320KGS41 for 1N.O or a C320KGS42 for a 1NO/1NC.  Once the base position is filled, you can stack 2 additional blocks on either side of the contactor.  C320KGS20 for the 1N.O, C320KGS21 for the 1N.C and the C320KGS22 for the 1NO/1NC.   So the total maximum is 8 contacts.  4 on each side.  See attached catalog pages for more details.

  1. Size 5 aux.pdf