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Need specs for a C32NN definite purpose contactor

The C32NN contactor was used for air conditioner applications and was rated as follows

3 phase/3 Pole

700 Full Load Amps

4500 Locked Rotor Amps at 460V

4200 Locked Rotor Amps at 600V

The contactor is obsolete with no DP rated replacement. the following can be order for parts

Contact tips - 6-570

Coil (120VAC) 9-2698

You can consider a XT series contactor which is a IEC rated contactor with a AC3 rating of 700A or more for possible replacement. Accessories and mechanical interlocks if used would not work on this XT device. 

XTCE750N22A for example can be consider for replacement. see below link for more information on this XT contactor


XT Series Product Overview  


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