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What is the IP rating of your pushbuttons, M22 & 10250T?

The IP rating (International Protection) rating are IEC codes dealing with ingress protection. An IP1X rating provides back of hand protection, which means that terminals on the unit should not be exposed such that if an electrician opens the door, they will not be harmed by live/exposed conductors.  IP20 ratings provide a higher degree of protection know as finger safe.   The 10250T devices can achieve a IP2X rating when a finger safe shroud is applied to the terminals on the contact blocks.

The M22 contact blocks have an IP20 rating.  From the front of the panel, the M22 pushbuttons have a IP67, IP69K rating.  Selector switches, double pushbuttons carry an IP66 rating.  This is the equivelent of a NEMA 4X rating, meaning they can be washed down with direct spray from a hose.