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M22 / C22 Selection

Using the catalog for choosing individual part numbers, follow these guidelines below when selecting an M22 or C22 pilot device:


  • Momentary or Maintained?
  • Flush, Extended, or Mushroom Head?
  • Color and/or Illumination (Control Voltage)?
  • Number of NO and NC Contacts?

Selector Switches

  • Number of Positions (2, 3, or 4)?
  • Momentary or Maintained (dependent on position)?
  • Keyed (side for key removal)?
  • Illuminated (Control Voltage)?
  • Number of Closed Circuits in Each Position?

Indicating Lights

  • Color?
  • Control Voltage?

Emergency Stop

  • Momentary or Maintained?
  • Twist-to-Release or Push-Pull?
  • Head Size (35, 45, or 60 mm)?
  • Illuminated (Control Voltage)?
  • Number of NO and NC Contacts?
C22 contact blocks and light modules are built-in and cannot be swapped out like the M22 series.

For more information, see our M22 / C22 Product Overview