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SL7 / SL4 Stacklight Selection

Each setup must have one base and at least one module (light or acoustic). Each component is purchased separately with the customer assembling the complete unit.

What to Ask:

  • 40 mm (SL4) or 70 mm (SL7) diameter
  • Light Module Voltage (24, 120, or 240 V)

Use the catalog or online tool below in order to select the proper components while noting the following:

  • Can stack a total of 5 modules with a standard base and 10 with a dual-arm base
  • Base modules come with a top cap as standard
  • Incandescent bulbs are not included with the light modules and must be purchased separately (LEDs come as standard)

Online Tool for Configuring SL7/SL4 Stacklights

For more information, see our SL7 / SL4 Product Overview