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10250T / E34 Accessories & Replacement Parts

(locking attachments, shrouds, weather boots, mounting tools, etc.)

10250T / E34

Replacement parts
(lamps & operator components)

10250T / E34

Replacing Contact Blocks - 10250T and E34 devices use the same contact blocks.  There have been several revisions of contact blocks over the years but they are all interchangeable with the current design.  Currently available contact blocks can be found in the online catalog.

Replacing Complete Pilot Devices - There are no part numbers on 10250T or E34 devices.  In order to replace a button you will need to know what it looks like, how it functions and what contact blocks (if any) are installed.  For illuminated devices you also need to know what light unit is being used, if it uses an incandescent bulb or an LED, and what voltage the bulb or LED is rated for.  Refer to the appropriate section of the catalog:  10250T / E34.

For more information, see our 10250T / E34 Product Overview