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DS and DSII Circuit Breakers

Eaton’s DSII and DSLII low voltage power breakers offer high withstand ratings for maximum selectivity and are designed for easy access, easy inspection, reliable protection, and minimal maintenance. Ideal for metal-enclosed low voltage switchgear assemblies. Breakers have a three-pole configuration and offer true rms sensing. Six continuous current frame sizes are covered by three breaker frame sizes. A full range of accessories and communications are available.

DS and DSL Instructions

DSII and DSLII Instructions

DS and DSL Renewal Parts

DSII and DSLII Renewal Parts

DS and DSII Switchgear Renewal Parts

Digitrip RMS 510 Trip Unit

Digitrip RMS 610 Trip Unit

Digitrip RMS 810 Trip Unit

Digitrip RMS 910 Trip Unit

The 510 digitrip does not have a display and doesn’t require auxiliary power. The 610, 810, and 910 all have a power/relay module that uses external 120VAC control power to operate the display window. The 810 and 910 also require this control power for the communications feature. The 810 and 910 have power and energy metering, and the 910 has voltage metering.

The rating plugs for the 500/600/700/800 are NOT interchangeable with the 510/610/810/910 rating plugs, and vice versa.

If you want to retrofit an existing breaker to have an RMS digitrip, refer to the Trip Unit Retrofit Kits section of the aftermarket catalog.

To upgrade within the 10 series digitrips, contact Engineering Services.

Additional documentation can be found at the DS/DSII website.

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