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Power Breaker Retrofill

Eaton offers retrofill breaker solutions for both low and medium voltage breakers. They are designed to be electrical and mechanical equivalents of several different generations of the power circuit breakers they replace, solving parts availability problems and reducing maintenance cost and downtime.

For medium voltage breakers, the VR Series is available. This uses VCP-W breaker as base of retrofill. 

For low voltage breakers, the AR Series is available. This uses the Magnum breaker as base of retrofill.

There is also a low voltage to vacuum starter replacement available. LV-VSRs are newly manufactured breaker-to-vacuum motor starter replacements, designed to replace breakers that are used as motor starters. They are tested to IEEE/ANSI standards and have passive and active interlocking. They can be applied up to 600V and in most cases can operate motors up to 235 HP.

Your local Engineering Services office can help provide these solutions. The local Engineering Services office can be found at or by calling 800-498-2678.