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How do I wire a Magnum breaker?

Magnum breakers are optionally available with a shunt trip, spring release, and motor for electrical operation. The wires from the accessories plug into the black secondary terminal housings on the breaker, and then are harnessed up to the 6 point white secondary terminal blocks. You will wire to these terminal blocks. The pin numbers are shown in the typical schematic below. Note that these are all optional accessories and may not be included in your specific breaker. The layout of the secondary terminal blocks is also included further down.

If you need to add the 6 point white secondary terminal blocks, you can order catalog number MSECBK (includes 15 terminal blocks and a label set) and MSECWR (includes 90 wires with terminal connectors). We also offer pre-wired and pre-labeled terminal blocks. You can select which block you need from table 10 in the LVA renewal parts guide.