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PXPM Software and License

What It Is

The Power Xpert Protection Management Software is used with the PXR trip units in the Power Defense insulated case circuit breakers and molded case circuit breakers. You will need to use a micro-USB data cable to connect from a laptop to the trip unit. Once connected you can view settings and do secondary injection testing. If the trip unit settings are not made using dials, the settings can be changed in PXPM and downloaded to the breaker.

PXPM can be downloaded from This has basic access to communicate with the PXR and read real time data. It includes 5 trials for testing the breaker and post-trip waveform capture. You will be prompted before a license is used.


There are three types of licenses available for purchase:

All PXPM licenses are available for purchase at You will need to generate a license request file from the computer the license will be for. Licenses are computer specific and non-transferrable.

Test Types

PXPM offers a few different testing options.

  • Functional test - this is testing to make sure that the trip unit will trip when it's supposed to.
    • Secondary injection - current is sent to the trip unit inputs to make it think it is seeing fault level current. This mimics the output of the current sensors.
      • The secondary injection circuit is built into the breaker.
    • Simulated - software tells the trip unit it sees fault level current, but no actual current is sent to the trip unit.
    • Both secondary injection and simulated tests can be set as trip tests or no trip tests.
  • Current sensor test - this tests for continuity of each current sensor to make sure the sensor is good.
    • The current sensor test allows the user to test the functionality of the current sensors. This differs from the secondary injection test because the secondary injection test bypasses the current sensors completely.
    • Without this current sensor test, the only way to test the current sensors is to do a primary injection test.
    • The current sensor test does not test the pickup points like the secondary injection test does.
  • Open breaker - this tests the mechanical functionality of the breaker and makes sure that when the trip unit tells the breaker to trip that the breaker will actually trip.


  • To do a secondary injection trip test on insulated case circuit breakers, auxiliary power MUST be applied to the trip unit. The power from the USB port is not enough to trip the breaker. For the molded case circuit breakers the USB port can supply enough power so no auxiliary control power is required (you can still have 24VDC applied).
  • When running a test, the test current should be above the pickup value plus the tolerance (don't test at the exact pickup). Refer to the time/current curves for the breaker for tolerances.
  • If you are doing a trip test, make sure to start with the breaker closed!
    • If you are doing a no-trip test, the breaker can be open.
  • If you are asked for a password, the default is 0000.