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Power Breaker Trip Unit Test Kit

There are two test kits for use the digitrip 1150 and the digitrip 520 family:

  • The functional test kit (MTST230V)
    • Digitrip 520 series and 1150 in both Magnum and NRX breakers, 310+ and 210+ circuit breakers
    • Handheld, battery powered
    • Functionally confirms proper operations at the minimum trip settings
    • Tests trip elements
      • Trip unit Power Up
      • Long Time Trip
      • Instantaneous Trip
      • Short Delay Trip
      • Ground Fault Trip
  • The MTK2000
    • Magnum breakers only
    • Test and verify pickup levels and time delay settings
    • Functionally confirms proper operations at all trip settings
    • The removable SD card can be used to transfer data to a computer
      • Do not change the factory settings; settings are not changed here
      • Must be returned to the test kit
    • If you see a calibration error, try cleaning the pins on the trip unit
    • This is ordered through the LVA product line (work with your local Eaton sales engineer)
  • No test kit for the PXR trip units
    • These are tested using the PXPM software (license required after 5 trials)

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