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VCP-T Digitrip 520V/520MCV

The VCP-T Digitrip line of trip units consists of the 520V, and 520MCV for UL standards and models 520Vi, and 520MVCi for IEC standards. Only models 520MCC and 520MCCi provide communications. Appendix B in the 520V/520MCV trip unit instructional leaflet includes a troubleshooting guide.

Protection settings options:

  • LSIG - Long delay, Short delay, Instantaneous, Ground Fault Trip
  • Instantaneous can be disabled

External control power is not required to operate the basic overcurrent protection functions; the trip unit operates through current sensors mounted in the breaker. When the breaker trips, an LED on the trip unit will indicate the cause of trip.


  • 520V
    • Protection only
  • 520MCV
    • Arc Flash Reduction Maintenance Mode (ARMS) - can reduce arc flash incident energy that is generated on a fault condition
    • INCOM communciations

The power module (DPS):

  • Four voltage ratings: 120 Vac, 230 Vac, 24–48 Vdc, and 125 Vdc
  • 10VA
  • Required on 520MCV
  • Display will be functional even when the breaker has no load
    • Without DPS, display will activate once the load current reaches approximately 30% single-phase or 10% three-phase of the (In) rating
  • Without auxiliary power, no communications or ground alarm signal

The green status LED blinks approximately once per second to indicate normal operations. 

Time/current curves are available here.