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How do I reset my RMS digitrip?

When the breaker trips on overcurrent, an LED on the trip unit will illuminate to indicate the setting of the trip (Long delay, Short delay, Instantaneous, or Ground). Clearing the fault does not reset the cause of trip LED on the trip unit, so the breaker can be closed and feeding the load even though the light is still on.

To turn off the cause of trip LED, press the reset button.

  • On the 1150+, the button says "Reset" and is below the rating plug and settings arrows
  • On the 520 series, the button says, "Reset/Battery Test" and is above the rating plug
  • On the 10 series, the button says, "Trip Reset" and is in the bottom right

If pressing the reset button does not turn the cause of trip LED off, the battery should be replaced. The battery is located behind the rating plug, and is a 3V Lithium battery. Acceptable replacements are: