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Magnum Digitrip Communications

The Magnum 520MC and 1150 trip units have INCOM communications. These can be wired to the input of a Power Xpert Gateway, which has an Ethernet output. Here you can view the settings and turn on Maintenance Mode (ARMS). On the 520MC trip unit, if ARMS is turned on through communications, it must also be turned off through communications; turning the dial on the front of the trip unit will NOT disable ARMS.

On breakers, the pins are B1 and B2 for communications. Communications wiring must be done using shielded cable (Eaton IMPCABLE or Belden 9463). All incom communicating devices can be daisy chained together. At the end of the daisy chain (opposite the translator), a termination resistor (100 Ohm ½ Watt) needs to be wired in.

Auxiliary power MUST be supplied to pins A14-A15 for communications to be active. The 520MC display will come on once the breaker has load, but communications are not available without external control power. The 1150 display will not be active without external control power.

The 1150 digitrip also allows you to remotely open and close the breaker through communications. This requires a shunt trip and spring release. There is a connection to the spring release built in for incom close (pin A13). In order to remotely open the breaker, Relay A must be configured to have CommTRIP = ENABLED, then it should be wired to the shunt trip. Make sure the check the contact ratings in the technical product guide.

Each breaker must have a unique INCOM address.

  • 520MC digitrip: The address is set by holding down the Reset/Battery Test button for 5 seconds, then using the step button to select the address. The address range is 001-999 in hex.
  • 1150 digitrip: The address is set using the menus in the digitrip (PGM SET -> INCOM -> INCOM ADDRESS). The address range is 001-FFE in hex.

NRX 520M and 1150 trip units do not have native communications. An external communications adapter module (CAM) is required.