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Amptector Trip Unit

The Amptector trip unit was supplied in DS breakers before the RMS trip units became available. These trip units are no longer available, but there are retrofit kits available to upgrade to the new 10 series digitrip (510610810910). These DS breaker retrofit kit catalog number selection is on page 34 of the aftermarket catalog.

The Amptector II-A is LSI only. The Amptector I-A has the added ground fault trip.

The long delay (trip setting) can be set from 0.5 to 1.25 times the sensor size. The long delay can be set HIGHER than the sensor size as long as it does not exceed the frame size. For example, a DS-416 breaker (1600A frame) with 1200A sensors can be set up to a 1500A trip (1.25 x 1200A) without changing the sensors, but a DS-416 breaker (1600A frame) with 1600A sensors can only be set to a 1600A trip (1 x 1600A). 

The dial on the Amptector trip units is NOT discrete; the dial can be turned continuously to fine tune the settings. 

The oldest Amptector trip units have a non-adjustable ground fault pickup, set at 20% of the sensor rating.