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Are overlapping contacts available for Machine Tool Relays BF/BFD, AR/ARD, & D26?

Yes.  Overlapping contacts are those which within the same relay circuit, a set of contacts close before another set of contacts open. Overlapping contacts consist of 1 N.O (Normally Open) early closing and 1 N.C. (Normally Closed) late break contact. The contacts are constructed so that the N.O. contact cam is longer and will close before the N.C. contact opens.

For the BF/BFD relays, insert the letter A after the relay type designation within the listed catalog number.  For example, BFA22F or BFDAF22S.

For the AR/ARD relays, insert the letter S after the relay type designation listed in the catalog number.  Specify the number of sets requried: S for one set and S2 for two sets.  For example, AR402AS.

For D26 relays, use D26MPS (NO early closing) and D26MPL (NC late opening) rear poles in related circuits.


The Machine Tool Relays and their information can all be found in Catalog Volume 7, Tab 3 available via the link below.

Volume 7 Tab 3 Catalog