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What are the Pickup and Dropout Voltages for the BF & BFD Machine Tool Relays?

The BF and BFD relay coil pickup and dropout ratings are based as a percentage of the coil voltage.

For BF Relays (AC coils, 60Hz), maximum pickup voltages are 80% of coil rating for a cold coil, 85% for a hot coil. Dropout voltage is 25% - 50% of rated coil voltage.

For BFD Relays (DC coils), maximum pickup voltages are 65% of coil rating for a cold coil with 8 contacts or less.For 10-12 contacts, pickup voltage is 76% of rated coil voltage, cold coil. 

Dropout voltage is 10% of rated coil voltage for BFD relays with 8 or less contacts and 50% dropout for relays with 10-12 contacts.