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Plug-In Relay Selection

The Eaton D1 through D9 Series of General Purpose Relays can be selected using the guide in our catalog: Volume 7, Tab 3 - Control Relays and Timers

Corresponding relay sockets associated with each Series are listed in the catalog.

Direct Catalog Number Selection Links

Available Relay Contact Configurations

  • SPDT is available in D1 & D4
  • SPST-NO is available in D8
  • DPDT is available in D3, D4, D5, & D7
  • DPST-NO is available in D8
  • 3PDT is available in D3, D5, & D7
  • 4PDT is available in D2 & D7
  • 4PST- NO & 4PDT-NC is available in D9

For more information, see our Plug-In Relay Product Overview