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D26 Relay Accessories & Replacement Parts


Available accessories are found in the catalog.

Renewal Parts

Replacement coils and latches are listed below.

VoltageMagnet CoilLatch
110/120V AC9-1989-19-1886-1
220/240V AC9-1989-29-1886-2
440/480V AC9-1989-39-1886-3
550/600V AC9-1989-49-1886-10
208V AC9-1989-99-1886-8
380V AC9-1989-159-1886-22
277V AC9-1989-109-1886-9
24V AC 60 HZ9-1989-79-1886-6
32V AC 50 HZ9-1989-89-1886-7
6V AC9-1989-59-1886-4
12V AC9-1989-69-1886-5
12V DC9-2404-59-1886-21
24V DC9-2404-49-1886-20
48V DC9-2404-39-1886-19
120V DC9-2404-19-1886-17
240V DC9-2404-29-1886-18

For more information, see our D26 Relay Product Overview