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Overview of soft stop functioning on S811+ soft starters

Find below a quick overview of the different stops that can occur.

Normal Stop: Bypass contacts open, SCR's still fire for a few moments, usually to the tune of 10 cycles to deal with the possible arc, then stop firing.

Ramp Stop: Bypass contactor open, SCR's fire as required to ramp the motor down, then stop firing.

E-Stop and/or power supply failure: Designed to be the same as a normal stop as the PCB has enough stored energy to fire the SCR's enough to prevent arcing across the bypass contacts as they open. The SS PCB will get a little help from  Eaton's PSG Power supplies as it also has a small amount of energy stored to continue to provide 24V DC to the PCB to fire the SCR's long enough to open the bypass contacts.


S811+ /S801+ Product Overview

S811+ stop from the DIM