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Will Eaton soft starters produce harmonics on the lines?

The harmonic levels of the Eaton IT solid-state starter are virtually non-existent.

Harmonics will be seen during the soft start and soft stop while the starter is firing the SCRs, but even that is minimal.

Soft starters do not have a Pulse Width Modulation associated with them because there are no IGBTs as with adjustable frequency drives.  Therefore, there are no pulse width modulation frequencies that create harmonics that are thrown back onto the line.

In addition to this operational difference, the Eaton IT soft starter has a built in bypass contactor that puts the motor directly across the line once it is up to speed.  When the bypass contactor closes, it will reverse bias the SCRs and the only noise on the line is that which the motor creates and that which was there to begin with.

The Eaton IT soft starter has been certified by an independent body to meet all electrical noise requirements for CE.  

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