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What are the similarities between the S811+ and the S811?

The S811+ is an upgraded version of the S811. Both devices have the identical power structure and base assembly. The printed circuit board and firmware used on the S811+ is new. They have the same (S811+ default) start and stop methods, options, and ratings, and they use the same accessories. The default control terminal wiring is identical, making the S811+ a direct replacement unit for the S811. The S811+ has retained all the features of the S811 and offers an expanded feature set.
Added new features include:
Monitoring features
• Average line power
• Power factor
• Auto reset count
Protection features
• External E-stop
• External trip
• Fault warning functionality
• External warning
• Custom fault/warning
• Auto reset delay timer
• Auto reset counter
• Auto reset limit
• Power up reset
• High power
• Low power
• Analog input
• Start delay
• Power on start delay
Operational features and benefits
• Motor wiring configuration
user selectable between
inline and inside-the-delta
• Modbus native
communications protocol
• Programmable control terminal
block functionality
• Second start ramp
profile capability
• Alarm-No-Trip functionality
• Digital Interface Module
(DIM) cloning