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Does the S811+ produce Harmonics?

The S811+ utilizes internal bypass contactors (IBC) during top-of ramp (TOR) operation. Since the impact of harmonics occurs only during the (start) ramp time which is relatively short, the impact of any harmonics produced by a reduced voltage soft starter (RVSS) is generally ignored. 

EN 61000-2-4 typically applies to variable frequency drive (VFD) units and is not applicable to RVSS devices.

Subclause of IEC 60947-1:2007 applies with the following addition:

"Because no significant harmonic emissions are produced in the FULL-ON state, tests are not required on those controllers or starters which run only in the FULL-ON state or which are by-passed by a mechanical switching device after completing a start, for example, Forms 2 and 3 and certain Form 1 controllers or starters."

The S811+/S801+ RVSS units manufactured by Eaton comply with IEC 60947-4-2.

Will Eaton soft starters produce harmonics on the lines?