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S811+/S801+ Power Supplies

Proper operation of the S811+/S801+ soft starters rely on the units being provided with a stable and reliable 24 Vdc power. Issues that arise from faulty 24 Vdc power are often misinterpreted as defects or problems with the soft starter.

Two Eaton power supplies are associated with the S811+/S801+ soft starters, the PSG240 that is in current production, and the PSS55 which has been discontinued and are still in service.

When replacing an S811+/S801+, if the installed power supply is a PSS55 unit, Eaton recommends replacement with the PSG240 or equivalent to enable the S811+/S801+ to provide reliable service. Experience has shown that attempting to utilize power supplies rated below 240 watts (60 watts, 120 watts, etc) results in operating discrepancies with the S811+/S801+ units.



                   PSG240                                                           PSS55



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