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Why won't my ATS switch to the generator?

First, check if your ATS is a EGSX model or a EGSU model.

If it is an EGSX model, make sure you are using an Eaton or Generac generator. If it is a EGSX and you are using another brand generator, the ATS will not switch from the utility power to the generator. This is because the EGSX switches are designed without a control board, but rather to be controlled off of the control board in an Eaton or Generac generator. In the situation of having a EGSX switch, but not an Eaton or Generac generator you must replace the switch with an EGSU model.

An EGSU model will work with any type generator because it has as control board designed inside of the switch. If you are using an EGSU model (or an EGSX model with an Eaton or Generac generator) and it is not switching, check the incoming voltage. The switch must receive 90% of the rated voltage to read the voltage and switch over.

If you are receiving at least 90% of the rated voltage and it is still not operating properly, give us a call at 1(877)385-2273 option 2, option 2 to troubleshoot it.