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What are some of the features of the smart breakers?

Eaton’s Wi-Fi smart breakers provide circuit protection, cloud connectivity, remote control & precise metering all packaged in a standard miniature breaker form factor. This smart breaker is designed to fit in a standard Eaton loadcenter or panelboard to accommodate BR and BAB series of breakers.

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Here are some of the features of the product:

  1. UL489 Listed branch circuit breaker, 1” per pole (Plug-on & Bolt-on styles)
  2. Ability to control breakers remotely – ON, OFF
  3. ±0.2% accurate metering as per ANSI C12.20
  4. Bi-directional communication via Wi-Fi
  5. Real-time access to device state: Open, Closed, Tripped
  6. Access to the breaker through the internet (cloud connectivity)
  7. Local access to the breaker through UDP protocol
  8. Metering information: current, voltage, frequency, power, energy [4-quadrant: Forward, Reverse, Total, Net]
  9. Data streams: real-time & historical, waveforms
  10. Waveform capture capability on power disturbances including Undervoltage Overvoltage, and Overcurrent events. Waveform captures of a minimum of 200msec at a resolution of 1 kHz or greater
  11. Fast RMS capture capability on power disturbances including Undervoltage, Overvoltage, and Overcurrent events. Fast RMS captures shall be a minimum of 4.25 sec at a resolution of 1 sample/cycle or greater
  12. Wi-Fi signal strength indication & data
  13. 4MB of local data storage to support redundancy & limit the possibility of data loss
  14. Simple iOS and Android application available for commissioning
  15. Open platform with API documentation available publicly