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I have a ch 20 amp single pole breaker that will not trip when the test button is pushed.

If a CH breaker will not reset when the test button is pressed, the normal recommendation is to replace the breaker. However, there are certain issues within the system that could be causing the breaker test button to not function correctly.

  • First, check all voltages within the system to confirm that there is 120V potential from each phase to neutral. 
  • Next, isolate the breaker from the system by removing the breaker load connections and leave the white pigtail wire attached to the neutral bar. If the breaker trips when the load is disconnected, this is an issue within the system.
  • If the breaker will not trip with the load disconnected the breaker should be replaced under warranty.

All CH breakers carry a limited lifetime warranty. The instruction leaflet further outlines instructions and testing procedures for this type of breaker.