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Can I order a replacement bonding screw for Safety Switch?

Are safety switches service entrance rated?

What is the torque spec of the bolts that hold the fuses in place in R9 disconnect ?

Safety Switch Accessories & Replacement Parts

what would be temperature range for Eaton fusible and non fusible safety switches

What are the torque values for Hubs on Safety Switches?

Are your disconnects or safety switches rated for grounding when using the concentric knockouts, or are bonding bushings needed?

Rotary Switch Min/Max Temperature Rating

Do fuse pullers come on fused Safety Switches?

what is TEST position function of Eaton rotary disconnect switches ?

Fuse Sizing for Safety Switches

Can a safety switch be applied in a 50HZ application?

Are Eaton's safety switches rated for 400HZ?

How many operations (cycles) is my safety switch rated?

What can I do when the Pringle Switch will not close?

What is the difference between a QA and a CBC switch?

What are some features of the Pringle Switch?

Can a General Duty Safety Switch be locked in the on position?

What fuse types are used with the Quick Connect Double Throw Switch?

What type of fuses are used on the Quick Connect Safety Switches?

What type of knockouts are on Safety Switches?

I'm looking for a DC safety switch

Do you have a flange mount disconnect?

What type of fuses used in heavy duty DC disconnect switch

What Class of fuses does the disconnects (DCU /DCG) accept ?

Are there available lugs for the Pringle Switch?

Can you run a neutral through the 3rd pole of a 3-pole Pringle switch?

looking for safety swith fuse dimensions

Can a non-fused Pringle switch be changed to a fused switch?

Can the gasket on Safety Switches be replaced?

What type of fuses do Eaton's Elevator Control Switches accept?

Safety Switch Product Overview

Available Hub Sizes for Safety Switches

Safety Switch Dimensions

Do Safety Switches have provision to be locked in both 'On' and 'Off' state ?

Aux. contact kits for DH664UDK

Does Eaton offer enclosed fusible rotary disconnects?

What is the Pringle clearing time when it receives the signal from shunt trip to open switch?

Are the Pringle Switches QA / CB UL Rated?

How many times Heavy Duty Safety Switch be cycled between failures?

For safety switches, what temperature rating for the conductor can we use for calculating conductor ampacity ​?

Instruction sheet for R5 & T5 Series (16A - 40A, A-Frame) and R5 & T5 Series (60A - 100A, B-Frame)

Knock outs in NEMA 4X type Safety Switch ?

How to make a general duty (DG) switch accept only R Class fuses?

Can J Class fuses be used in General Duty Safety Switches?

What fuse class is needed for pressure bolted pringle switches?

What is the operating temperature range for R5 & R9 switches?

Is the R5 disconnects meet IP20 requirements?

Do you offer NFPA79 kits on the rotary switches ?

Can we back feed a safety switch

Are Safety Switches ROHS compliant?

Safety Switch knockouts - Can they be used for bonding connection?

Can crimp lugs be used on safety switches?

Are safety switches ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) certified?

Do the Rotary Switches (R5 / R9) have a "lock-on" application?

How can a Rotary Switch be mounted?

can we offer DC ratings for the open rotary disconnect ?

Does the Double Throw Switch have a defeater mechanism?

What are the clearance requirements on Safety Switches?

Are Safety Switches CSA Rated?

What type of lube can be used on a pringle switch?

Why is my Pringle switch not tripping on ground fault?

Why doesn't the Pringle switch will not stay closed with blown fuse detection?

How can I get someone to service my pringle switch?

Can I get a new pole and yoke assembly for a Pringle switch?

What can be done when the Pringle Switch doesn't open all the way?

Does Eaton still make the M/M and ET type Pringle switches?

Dimensional drawing for DS switch

Accessories for a ER5 switch

I need a dimensional drawing for a ER5* switch

Does Eaton's safety switches have asbestos used in them?

My Pringle Switch is running hot, what can I do?

Why does the CBC Pringle switch not open when I push the button?

Can a Pringle switch be de-rated?

What is the standard warranty on a Pringle switch?

What kind of lubrication can be used on hinges and jaw tongues on a Pringle Switch?

How often should Pringle switches be serviced?

Why do Pringle switches overheat?

What happens when spring washer on a Pringle breaks?

Available accessories for Eaton's DS switches

What are the Pringle Switches Lubricating Instructions?

Are the Pringle Mill Switches UL listed?

Does Eaton offer replacement parts for enclosed breakers?

Are the red circle "lollipop" things on the end of a Safety Switch handle replaceable parts?

I need to replace my instructions for Freedom CT wiring.

What are the 10250T terminals numbers on the pushbuttons, push to test indicator lights, and selector switch contacts?

Will my control circuit devices need a SCCR rating per UL508A?

What is the main difference between R5 & R9 Rotary disconnect

Can you change the fuses on a panelboard switch in the field?

What is the short circuit rating for a non-fusible safety switch?

what color are your safety switches

Does Eaton offer a OEM (OLI - Line Isolation Switch)?

Can we get a Safety Switch with a factory installed surge device?

Are the Safety Switches rated for IP65?

Do you have a dimensional drawing for DG326NRK?

Do you have a dimensional drawing for DG326NGK?

Do you have a dimensional drawing for DG226FRK?

Do you have a dimensional drawing for DG226FGK?

Do you have a dimensional drawing for DG326URK?

Do you have a dimensional drawing for DG326UGK?