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Are Eaton's safety switches rated for 400HZ?

Safety switches can be used in 400HZ applications if de-rated by 20% (i.e. a 200A DH364URK must be used at no more than 160A and a 400A DH365URK must be used at no more than 320A). Switches used in 400HZ systems cannot be operated under load unless the switch has a DC rating equal to or greater than the AC voltage of the 400HZ system. If the switch does not have an appropriate DC rating, then it must be marked "Do not open under load".

Safety switches are designed, built, and tested to UL98 standards; however there are no UL98 test requirements for 400HZ applications. Thus safety switches are not UL Listed or tested for 400HZ applications. In addition, there are no AIC ratings associated with 400HZ application of safety switches.